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How to Sell Your Property Online

The UK economy is still weak, and this week figures have shown that the housing market is still being affected by this weakness in the wider economy, with house prices continuing to slip, decreasing by 0.1% in November from the previous month according to the Halifax. Hence, selling is particularly tough at present as there are more sellers on the market than buyers. So here are some invaluable tips on how to sell your property online.

• If possible, avoid using estate agents – this will save you money as you won’t have to pay their fees! There are so many other options available online, for example, our site! It’s worth trying to sell without an estate agent for at least 2 weeks before using one.

• Make sure you get your valuation right! Be aware that the market is weak at present, however, do in-depth research so that you don’t undervalue your property.

• If you do consult an estate agent, always go over the terms and conditions carefully – because certain terms and conditions will tie you into a 3 to 6 month contract and will force you to pay estate agent’s fees, e.g. ‘sole selling rights’ (if your terms and conditions contain this then even if you sell your property privately, you will still have to pay the estate agents fees!)

• Watch out for private sales sites which have been accused of charging estate agents fees by The Office of Fair Trading.

• Ensure the marketing of your property is accurate – if not, you may be sued for misrepresentation.

• Make the most of your property! Whether you market your property well or badly can be the difference between thousands of pounds of profit. First impressions count!

- Ensure there are photos of your property which show it in its most positive light. This doesn’t mean only show the one best room – you still need to inform your potential buyer properly of what they would be visiting - it simply means you need to ensure you have clear photos of the best aspects of your property. The lighting should be optimal when you take the photos (this may require opening the curtains and taking them in daylight, or using dimmed lighting for a chilled effect). Make the rooms tidy and clean before you photograph them. This may include washing windows, dusting furniture, polishing floors and vacuuming carpets. Decorate the room tastefully. Generally it’s a bad idea to have people in the photos.

- Use concise, attractive and accurate language to describe your property. Get help from friends or family if writing isn’t one of your strongest points.

- Consider marketing your property on multiple websites – the more sites you’re on, the greater the number of potential buyers you will be exposed to and the higher the chances you will have of selling for your desired price!

- Lastly, you’ll be lucky to sell a property online without the buyer actually visiting your property, so make sure you get this part right too. Be friendly and warm to all potential buyers, consider playing soft music in the background and offering them food and drink. Don’t rush them or talk too much – give them time to relax and decide whether your property is right for them.

I hope these tips will be of use to you and help you in your quest to sell your property quickly! Please share them, as they may also be of benefit to friends and family.

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