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How to sell your home in a recession

There are a lot of people struggling to sell homes in this economic climate, and to pull it off there are a few things you should bear in mind. This article is designed to give you some basic advice which will put you on the right road to make your next move.

Be realistic – You should realise that there is no way you will get the price for your home you might have done a few years ago. As you will know, most prices have fallen and so your asking price might have to as well, even if this means you get less for the home than you asked for it. Negative equity is a manageable situation and if you do find yourself in this position there are ways out.

Neutralise – Try to remove some of your furniture as well as personal touches and decoration if you possibly can. Presentation is everything, and when someone is viewing a property, they want to be able to envisage themselves there. If you have lots of clutter and decoration suited to your taste, there is quite a large possibility that people will be put off. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person looking around – what would you want to see?

Think about other options – The traditional channels of selling your home, which includes estate agents, are not the be all and end all. Other routes for helping you sell your home include specialist home buyers such as The London Property Buyers, as well as putting the home up for auction. Another option for the more brave amongst you is the self-sell option. This involves promotion of the house you have to offer by yourself, including listing the property online and putting up your own for sale board. For the more business savvy this can be a highly effective and economical solution.

Although these are only basic ideas for steps forward, we do hope they have helped you to take the next step. If you need some help pushing forward with your home sale, give Laurence a call or contact us here.

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