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Dealing With Housing Issues During Divorce

If you are unfortunate enough to have found yourself involved with divorce proceedings, you will know that they can take a very long time to conclude. It could be said that one of the only advantages of this is that you are likely to have some time to consider your options regarding housing and finance.

However, divorce is often a traumatic and distressing experience, which can be exacerbated by problems in selling your shared home through an estate agent. Many people worry about what will happen to their home and where they will live next.

Big decisions have to be made that will influence not only your life but your family’s. For example, who will continue to live in your present property? You? Or your partner? Or as is often the case, neither of you, either because too many memories are attached to the property and you want to move on, or because you can’t afford to finance a property of its size on your own.

For people with children, the importance of sorting out suitable housing arrangements is even greater, and the stress levels can rise further. Indeed, housing issues are one of the key reasons why divorce is frequently a feared and nightmarish event.

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