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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to sell my property?

A. Usually 3 - 4 weeks to completion, but it can be done within 14 days if necessary.

Q. What type of properties do you buy?

We buy all types of properties from flats to houses.

Q. In what areas do you buy properties?

Q. What type of condition do you buy homes in?

Any condition.

Q. Are there any hidden costs?

No - it's FREE.

Q. Do I have to accept your offer?

No - you are under no obligation what so ever.

Q. Will I need a solicitor to sell my property to you?

No, we will provide you with a solicitor to work on your behalf.

Q. Will anybody know I am selling my home?

No, we offer a 100% confidential service.

Q. Can you offer me free advice regarding my situation?

Yes, we offer FREE professional advice at no cost to you.

Q. If I'm facing repossession and I sell to you, do I still need to worry about repossession paperwork?

No - the solicitor will deal with everything.

Q. Why should I sell to you instead of using an estate agent?

We will offer you a 'list price' for your home which is typically between 75%-90% of its current market value. Although you can sell your property for a higher price via estate agents, there is no guarantee of a fast sale and the risk of the sale falling through. The advantages of selling your home to us are a guaranteed quick sale, no legal fees or estate agent fees to pay.

Sally, Bayswater

"I decided to call your company and I was pleasantly surprised with your helpful service to find a solution to my property problems"